Stirling Station

As part of the CP5 framework Scotland, Story Rail have been tasked to provide refurbishments to a number of Station throughout Scotland. Story Rail approached Network Scaffold to assist with the early planning stage of the project because of our continued work on Aberdeen Station.

Within the early planning stage, we sat down with the client and key stakeholders within the project to identify the safest, most cost effective and practical way of carrying out the works to suit all trades.

The station has been split up into six phase, with each phase then split up into a further three.

One of the main problems facing the client was to install the scaffold to fulfil the works in a safe manner, but also ensure that the full station and platforms were operation at all times.

The solution was install heavy duty support towers, with beams spanning the platforms and atrium at 3m high and cantilevered out 2m above the edge of the platform.

The scaffold installed were all kept water tight by installing the scaffold crash decks on a slope, double boarded and covered with plastic sheeting, with a gutter system installed to each phase to divert the rain into the water course.

The project is currently four weeks ahead of schedule because of the efficiencies shown by the Network Scaffolding team in collaborating with the client and the other trades.